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本文摘要:People often prefer to fall asleep while watching TV, but that doesn’t always work out as planned. 人们一般来说讨厌看著电视然后渐渐转入梦乡,但这个方法并非百试百灵。

People often prefer to fall asleep while watching TV, but that doesn’t always work out as planned. 人们一般来说讨厌看著电视然后渐渐转入梦乡,但这个方法并非百试百灵。Sometimes the shows you end up watching turn out to be genuinely interesting and instead of slowly dozing off, you end up spending hours with your eyeballs glued to the screen. 有时我们想要看一看电视协助清醒,但却找到节目知道是过于有意思了,最后却目不转睛地看了几个小时!但如果你试一下Napflix,就不会找到再行无此后顾之忧了。But there’s no risk of that happening when using Napflix, a video streaming service designed to be more than boring enough to put you to sleep.Napflix是一个专门为用户获取无趣内容,协助用户睡眠中的流媒体服务商。


The Napflix website describes the service as a video platform Napflix网站将其服务定位为一个福神助眠的视频平台。where you can find the most silent and sleepy content selection to relax your brain and easily fall asleep. 用户可以在此寻找最安静、最清醒的内容,以放开大脑、精彩入睡。Regardless of what specific type of programs you find least interesting, you’re bound to find them on Napflix.不管多么无趣的节目类型,你都能在Napflix上寻找。

While browsing the selection of boring video material, you’ll find everything from from long lectures and documentaries, senseless game simulations and chess matches to static landscapes and religious rituals.随意想到那些无趣的视频选材,你就不会找到,从长篇演说到官方文件,从毫无意义的模拟游戏到乏味的国际象棋对局,从静态风景到宗教仪式,无一不是视频的来源,应有尽有。The idea is to make entertainment boring, said Victor Gutierrez de Tena, one of Napflix’s two co-founders. Napflix的两位牵头发起人之一维克特.古铁雷斯.德.特纳说道:我们就是要让网站的娱乐内容乏味无比。It could be the kind of things that remind us of our childhood, like post-lunch classes and TV serials we watched after meals which just went on and on, ones where you wouldn’t lose the plot if you fell asleep网站的内容是一些能让我们回忆起童年的东西,比如午后课程,又或者是饭后时段的连续剧,它们播出啊播出,你就算是睡过去也会错失任何情节。Both Gutierrez de Tena and his co-founder work in advertising, but they told AFP that the service is not part of an advertising campaign, and it is absolutely free to use, at least for now.古铁雷斯.德.特纳和他的牵头发起人都在广告公司工作,但他们对法新社回应,Napflix并不是广告宣传活动的一部分,并且最少现在来讲,网站是完全免费的。

Apart from the aforementioned YouTube-sourced content, Napflix, like the infinitely more popular Netflix, features some original content of its own, only instead of catching your interest, it’s designed to make you fall asleep.除去上述那些来自YouTube的内容,Napflix也有一些杰出的原创内容,就像更加热门的网飞来(Netflix)一样,唯一的不同之处在于,这些内容设计出来就是为了让你困倦,而非引发兴趣。Its first original video is titled Subway and consisting of a rail journey between Canal St. and Coney Island in New York. 他们的第一个原创视频叫地铁,内容就是纽约市内从坚尼街到康尼岛的一段铁路旅程。

I can feel a yawn coming just thinking about it.我光是看看就哈欠秋风了。With Napflix, you don’t have to worry about leaving the TV on all night either. 有了Napflix,你很久不必担忧睡觉后电视半夜开着了。After you choose the boring video you want to watch, you can set the platform’s timer to automatically shut down the footage after an allotted amount of time or turn off once the video is over.在你自由选择了要看的乏味视频后,你可以通过平台的定点功能,来设置定点重播或者完结后关机。

It sounds like Napflix really is taking siesta to the next level.看上去,Napflix知道把瞌睡显得更为舒适度了。




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